Matthew Andre Brown

Ned to some. Loved by all who had the pleasure of knowing him. January 2, 1978 - August 10 (?), 2008



Nursing Graduate

Matt just graduated from Santa Fe's nursing school in May


Matt played in many bands including Flight 121, Loyal Frisby, his own personal project Witness The Fitness and Erhabe Drift.

Witness The Fitness (Final Show) March 4 Matthew Andre Brown Matthew Andre Brown

Matt's unreleased (but beautifully complete in my opinion) album:
Witness The Fitness - Miracle Lake 0688 - Someday I Will Forget Everything
Listen to the whole album » or below:


Incredible endurance and a love for all things cycling Matt rode his bike across town and across the country. His final trip was completed a month before he passed in an astounding feat. His words: "Tickets are bought: one way to Fairbanks. About 3400 miles total. Bringing a dog and a guitar."

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